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Executes the SAVE command and starts the program. The TSO EXEC Command is generated for REXX or CLIST depending on the qualifier in the data set name EXEC or CLIST.

/* REXX * EDIT MACRO *************************************************/
/*                                                                   */
/* Macroname.: RUN                                                   */
/*                                                                   */
address isredit
"macro (params)"
"(dsn) = dataset"
if pos(".EXEC",DSN) + pos(".CLIST",DSN) > 0 then do
   "(mem) = member"
   if pos(".EXEC",DSN) > 0 then params = params"'EXEC"
   address tso "ex '"dsn"("mem")' '"params
else do
   ZEDSMSG = "Falscher Bibliothekstyp"
   ZEDLMSG = DSN "ist keine REXX oder CLIST Bibliothek"
   address ispexec "setmsg msg(ISRZ000)"
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