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REXX and Edit Macros

Standard Profile

Sets defined profile standards.

Depending on profile mode (locked oder unlocked) you are told, whether the changes are temporarily or permanent.
Program Header

Writes a header for CLIST or REXX programs.

Depending on language and type (program, edit macro) you will obtain some general information and the first command statements.


Summarise all numeric values within a defined area.
Extended Copy

The insertion point lies inside the copy block.

Save program und run it.

Depending on CLIST or REXX qualifiers in the data set name the TSO EXEC command is generated accordingly.

Auto Typing

Will finish the code you began typing.

Press function key to examine the cursor line. If the macro detects commands eg. IF, SElelct or DO, the macro will complete the command skeleton for you (cursor sensitive).
Comment Line

Overwrites spaces in column 45 to 72 with comment skeleton.

Comment Box

Draws a comment box at cursor position.
Eliminates Duplicates

Eliminates duplicate records (previous sort is possible).
All Members

Runs a macro on all members of a data set (except the active member).
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