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NetView REXX

Objective Targets

You learn how to employ REXX programs under NetView as an effort saving tool in the automation of recurring processes.

The continuation of processes is controlled with the help of captured messages.

Seminar Contents

  • Expressions, arithmetic operations, logical conditions

  • Variables, table processing

  • NetView command within an EXEC

  • REXX instructions

  • Data set processing

  • Usage of STACK

  • REXX functions, extended NetView functions

Seminar Information

Recommended Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: TSO/E Basics, VTAM and NetView knowlegde

Technical environment:
OHP, Flip Chart,
TSO ID and host access (with NetView) for every participant

Seminar fees:
the daily flat rate for up to 10 participants,
for additional students will be charged separately.

please e-mail us for details
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