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Environments Activities Education

Operating Systems

  • BS1000
  • BS2000
  • MVS, OS/390, z/OS
  • VTAM
  • NetView
  • MS-DOS
  • OS/2
  • Windows

Programming Languages

  • Basic
  • Cobol
  • Clipper
  • JCL
  • REXX
  • SQL

Data Bases

  • DB2
  • IMS
  • SQL
  • VSAM
  • dBase

Line of Business

  • IT
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Trading


  • Telekurs AG, Zürich
  • rbg Munich
  • Fiducia Karlsruhe
  • ProGeno, Munich
  • GAD Münster
  • GRZ Lehrte
  • Linde AG, Munich
  • Patria Versicherung, Basel
  • IT Akademie Bayern, Augsburg

2009 till now

  • New LOGON "one size fits all" for internal and outsourcing LPARS
  • Versioning for sources, loads e.g. for all employees. Supports various test environments for projects using Endevor

2005 - 2008

  • Ensure coordinated production phase-in of new program versions for various mainframe sites using Endevor. Automation of process flows.
    • Loadmodules
    • Compiler listings
    • Documentations
    • DB2 elements
    • PSBs, DBDs
    • etc.
  • Support System Operating. Supervision z/OS, IMS/DC, IMS/DB, DB2 etc.
  • Develope automatic functions for several production flows.


  • Support System Operating. Supervision z/OS, IMS/DC, IMS/DB, DB2 etc.
  • Implementation of software for the check of the bank parameter data of the HBCI converter (Home banking).
  • Develope automatic functions for SMS/HSM


  • Support Systemoperating. Supervision z/os, IMS, DB2 etc..
  • Implementation of software for the check of the bank parameter data of the HBCI converter (Home banking).
  • Construction of tools for the check of statistics.


  • Migration of program constituents (Sourcen, load modules etc.) to Endevor.
  • Implementation of software for the check of the bank parameter data of the HBCI converter (Home banking).
  • Preliminary Investigation for a new method of versioning (ENDEVOR with DB2 as platform for the administration of Meta data). Estimated effort: 2,5 man years.


  • Adjustments to central data supply within HBCI (customer specific modifications to the converter).
  • Generation of a dialog menu for the maintenance of customer specific parameters.
  • Modification of a tool for automatic generation of program documentation based on the source code.

1997 - 2001

  • Restoration of a version management system with split site development (2 locations) and split site production (4 locations) under ENDEVOR used for administration of:
    • Sources
    • Load Modules
    • Compile Listings
    • DB2 Elements
    • PSBs, DBDs
    • Link Options
    • Objects
    • etc
  • Development of adequate user surfaces using REXX and ISPF, separated processing (Batch, TSO, Auto-Restart-Method).
  • Development of exchange method for load modules, sources etc. between cooperative IT-Centres.
  • Training of ca. 250 employees.
  • First and Second Level Support for applications programmers regarding problems with the version management and MVS in general.


  • Adjustment of host applications following a redesign of peripheral surfaces for loan securities (Cobol, DB2, IMS/DC).


  • Development of check routines to identify Y2K-problematic source codes (also SWT Generate).


  • Book publication "REXX unter OS/2 mit DB2/2"
    Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag.


  • Book publication "REXX unter TSO/E"
    Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag.


  • Development of a problem management tool for internal error tracking and solution follow up under REXX and ISPF.


  • Development of a time management system to register and administrate attendances and absenteeism like holidays, sick leave etc. with a notification option for absences and resource planning for multiple shift systems.


  • LOG-evaluation of printing activities and statistic processing (volume, printer allocation, time frame, minimal and maximal capacity, special task assignment).

1988 - 1989

  • Development of a merchandise planning and control management system (PC), capable of client management and hortatory proceedings including a statistic system.


  • In-house Training for various co-operative IT-Centres on topics below:
    • OS/390 Basics
    • TSO Basics
    • Job Control
    • ISPF
    • REXX
    • CLIST
    • MVS Utilities
    • Cobol
    • Programming Logic
    • MVS Operating (inclusive JES)
  • Mentoring apprentices in IT with regards to mainframe computers.

1994 - 1995

  • Re-training of 45 production operators after reorganisation in the company, Elementary PC-DOS, OS/2, LAN, PC hardware, MVS, programming logic, structure charts, programming (Cobol, REXX).

    The re-trained employees got placed in the departments Second Level Support, Quality Assurance and Applications Programming.

1989 - 1993

  • Re-training of ca. 200 production operators due to exchange of the operating system (BS1000 -> MVS).
Mainframe - TSO - REXX - ISPF - JCL - Endevor