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Programming Logic

Objective Target

With the aid of structure charts you learn step by step about the composition of a computer program

By developing language independent solutions you focus on the problems you are up against without the syntactical burden of a programming language.

You develop solutions for common processing tasks like sorting, merging, control breaks, etc.

Seminar Contents

  • Utilisation of a graphic structure chart editor.

  • Simple processes

  • Simple queries

  • Multiple queries

  • Loop processing

  • Plausibility tests

  • Error routines

Seminar Information

Recommended Duration: 5 days
Prerequisites: none

Technical environment:
OHP, Flip Chart,
A Windows PC (WIN98 onwards) for every participant

Seminar fees:
the daily flat rate for up to 10 participants,
for additional students will be charged separately.

please e-mail us for details
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