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TSO/E Basics

Objective Target

Get to know formats of data set organisation: Physical Sequential and Partitioned Organized.

Learn how to utilise the various functions of ISPF as a sensible tool for your daily work. Special attention will be given to practical usage of the possibilities offered by ISPF/PDF.

Seminar Contents

  • Menu structure of ISPF
  • Settings
  • View and Edit
  • Library Utilities
  • Dataset Utilities
  • Move/Copy Utility
  • Catalog Utility
  • Difficulties in Creating and Compressing data sets

Seminar Information

Recommended Duration: 3 days
Prerequisites: OS/390 Basics (recommended)

Technical environment:
OHP, Flip Chart,
TSO ID and host access for every participant

Seminar fees:
the daily flat rate for up to 10 participants,
for additional students will be charged separately.

please e-mail us for details
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