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TSO/E ISPF Edit Macros

Objective Target

You extend the command range of the PDF editor as you wish. You automate recurring edit tasks and increase efficiency of your work performance.

You teach the editor to write the program codes and lift your editor to a not previously known level of comfort.

The seminar offers a valuable tool in day-to-day work to the software developer.

Seminar Contents

  • The macro language of the editor

  • Automation of recurring commands

  • LM service as support for the macro language

Seminar Information

Recommended Duration: 3 days
Prerequisites: in-depth knowledge of PDF editor and TSO/E REXX

Technical environment:
OHP, Flip Chart,
TSO ID and host access for every participant

Seminar fees:
the daily flat rate for up to 10 participants,
for additional students will be charged separately.

please e-mail us for details
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